During Clerkenwell Design Week we sat in on a talk at the Humanscale showroom exploring moving dynamically within your environment with Jonathan Lewis of Balance Physio.

Jonathan is a physio who encourages clients to view their recovery and rehabilitation from a wider perspective, to develop greater resilience, health and well-being. Jonathan’s main focus was the danger of slipping into an unhealthy lifestyle due to modern ‘city life’. Studies show that those who sit for prolonged periods, suffer risk from heart attack, strokes, back pain and slower metabolism, and sitting is becoming the new smoking!Jonathan is a physiotherapist and movement coac

Jonathan demonstrated the versatility of new adjustable office furniture and how this can be used to our advantage to think about how we work and move. He commented ‘see times out of bed as opportunity’s to ‘move’, think about standing whilst working (not just upright but in a squat positon), lunging, crouching even raising one leg and resting it on your desk! Give your body new movement and new positions to maintain health.

This was a very thought provoking talk covering a genuine health issue. However, changing the way we work, assisted with adjustable furniture, will avoid these health risks.

Connection new office, new image

This year’s Clerkenwell Design Week unveiled Connection’s new show room based at Great Sutton Street. Compared to their previous showroom, it has been a revelation, as described by  Oliver Ronald, Sales and Marketing Director, “Our recent move to the new showroom afforded us a larger, lighter and brighter space to really show off new and established products within an agile working environment”.

Connection has always been renowned for their innovative themes during CDW and they certainly didn’t disappoint this year with the space itself following a science theme throughout, kindly designed by interior architects, Space Zero.

What we were welcomed with were a vast range of new products. These included Centro, and Pearl, Dixi Tub and Dixi Club featured as additions to the Dixi range. New members of the Hive and Tryst product ranges were also on show.