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Forensics Company




The customer was purchasing off multiple suppliers and over £140,000 of the costs were for assets with little or no resale value. These assets included joinery works, window blinds, acoustic quilts, floor coverings, doors, stud partitioning, suspended ceilings, electrical works, CAT 5 cabling, security grills, removal of toilets and building of a kitchen.


WestWon used three separate funders who were able to fund different parts of the overall refurbishment. In doing this, we were able to ensure the client had a finance facility in place for all their needs, as well as ensuring all suppliers were paid as and when they completed their installations.


The full cost of the renovation was financed, the client benefiting from an overall cheaper blended cost of funds. The client is now building up a payment record with three separate finance companies, making it easier to lease at a later date.

Value £243,000.00+VAT